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Fall Activities to Get Active!

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is being active! Lucky for us, fall is filled with fun activities to get us in gear! Whether it’s a real work out or a leisurely stroll, just getting moving is important. Take a look at some of the activities perfect for this season. Pick some ideas out to do solo or with a friend! Many of these are also great for bringing the whole family!

  1. Corn Maze: Corn mazes are fun, they can be challenging, and they get you up and walking (especially if you really get lost)! Many farms that have corn mazes also have fresh produce for sale! This season is perfect for apples, squash, and corn.
  2. Leaf Gazing: Take a walk through a park, a forest, or an arboretum. Bring a field guide to look for certain types of leaves. You can collect them for a scrapbook or take pictures.
  3. Find a Ghost Tour: Many towns offer ghost tours for those who enjoy something a little spooky. Walking tours can get you out walking a few miles! It is also great to learn some history about your town or one near you.
  4. Scavenger Hunt: The chilled weather is great for scavenger hunts! Make one yourself or look online for tons of different ideas. Fall is also great for this because you can do nature scavenger hunts. This would include finding things like a red leaf, a pinecone, a squirrel, etc. Make it a race with family or friends for an added challenge!
  5. Hiking: Find a local state or national park and go exploring! Set a goal for a certain amount of miles or up the challenge by adding in lunges or jumping jacks.
  6.  Enter a 5k: There are a plethora of 5ks and other races that pop up during fall. Even if you aren’t a trained runner, 5ks are perfectly walkable!
  7. Pumpkin Races: Buy (or plan to grow) some medium sized pumpkins and add it to a race for added weight! You can make it a relay race with friends or family!
  8. Kickball: Get a game of kickball going! This activity will have you nostalgic for when you were a kid and it’s always sure to get people running!
  9. Plant: Planting bulbs or trees during the fall is great because in the spring you get to see them bloom!
  10. Help a Neighbor: There is plenty of yard work to go around during the fall season. Help out a neighbor by raking their leaves, planting, or cleaning up their yard!

There are so many fun activities to get you moving during the fall season. Just be sure to pick activities that are safe for you and your body. Remember to take safety precautions when needed. Make your fall to-do list today!

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