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The practice of chiropractic is amazing.

I was first given the gift of a chiropractic adjustment after a low back injury that put me in bed and in the emergency room several times. After of months of this my father said try a good chiropractor. Well thats when I realized that you don't have to live in severe pain. You don't have to take drugs. And you can return to a normal life. When you can't even get out of bed because of the pain. And within days your pain is gone. You know your on to something! A few years later I was expierencing severe headaches, to the point of your boss saying you either go under the knife or you go to unemployment. I visited a chiropractor in Huntington Beach California, You felt like he walked on clouds, He was upbeat, he cared and said I can fix this. And He did! I paraphase what he said that helped change my life and career. "People walk in feeling bad and walk out feeling better, is there a better way to spend your day". I knew from that moment on that I wanted to be part of something that changed lives by making them well again. Healthcare begins when the person picks up the phone and calls our office, the first caring voice. The smile in the face of Trina that greets you when you walk through the office door. When you know that you have chosen the right place and the doctor is listening. We promise that you will always receive the best care we can offer.


Dr. David C. Cox D.C.

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