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The practice of chiropractic is amazing.

I was first given the gift of a chiropractic adjustment after a low back injury that put me in bed and in the emergency room several times. . I  was to the point that I thought I was never going to recover.  My dad had told me several times to try a chiropractor. But I only new medicine so I ignored his suggestions. I could   barely get out of bed  due to the pain.  I finally gave in.  It changed my life!  within days I was feeling better. 
             A few years later I started to get  severe headaches It was  to the point of my manager  suggesting  I  either go under the knife or he was going to make some changes we know would not have been for my best..  I visited a chiropractor in Huntington Beach California, He was a good Christian Man, I found out later.  He was upbeat, he cared and he made me feel like this was curable.  He connected my headaches to a High School  injury when I had done a back flip and landed badly and compressed my spine.  We became good friends and I was  invited to attend dinner and church and with him and his family.  One day he said do you like what you do. I said I did but I had really wanted to be medicine. He told me about Chiropractic and how "People walk in feeling bad and walk out feeling better". And asked me  is there a better way to spend your day".  I was hooked!
                    Healthcare begins when the person picks up the phone and calls our office, the first caring voice. A smile when you walk through the  front door. 

                    We are in tough times right now. You can rest assured we will do everything with in  our scope of practice to  help you stay healthy.  I  constantly search and review medical and chiropractic  data bases to make sure you are offered the best care we can offer.          Our office is constantly sanitized.  We don't deal with infectious disease however if you feel more comfortable waiting in the car, call us when you arrive at our clinic, we can text you when your room is available. 


Dr. David C. Cox D.C. C.M.E for the FMSA 

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