Katelynn's medical issues (more detailed history at the end)

Scoliosis- 5 degree thoracic and 15 degree lumbar
Lungs - small and estimated to have less than 1/2 of the # of pathways of the average person
Diagnosed with COPD
Stomach - Small and underdeveloped, difficult to take in enough to sustain life
Failure to thrive
Frequent intestinal blockages due to adhesions
Bladder - Frequent UTI's resistant to antibiotics
Fatigue and difficult to wake
Kidney Disease – right kidney removed due to benign tumor
Hiatel Hernia

After a few recommendations to give chiropractic a try we decided “Why not?” especially since we knew Kate has Scoliosis; we felt at the very least it could help that issue. The result: Katelynn has far surpassed all our expectations. The morning after her first adjustment Katelynn woke me in the morning. The child that slept through air horns (Yes, I even tried air horns to wake her!) came bouncing into my room before I had even stirred. Katelynn's energy levels seemed to increase dramatically after each visit. After the 5th appointment Dr Cox and I were having difficulty even carrying on a conversation since Katelynn was bouncing off the walls. Trina no longer needed the sound of the timer dinging to notify her when Kate completed her time on the intersegmental traction. instead she could be heard throughout the office singing silly songs and when her joyful noises stopped Trina knew her time on the mat was done.

In addition to the new found energy Katelynn’s appetite came back. In just 6 visits (not quite a 3 week span) Katelynn gained 2 lbs., a rate of 46%; infants (the fasted to grow) only increase weight at about a rate of 30%.

Along with the regular adjustments Dr Cox also uses laser therapy and diaphragmatic massage. He is always on the look out for new information whether it is in regards to newest therapy or side effects of the medications she is taking. He has truly become a team player in assisting and supporting all that we can do and find out for Katelynn and her various medical issues.

Detailed Medical History

Katelynn was born with a Left sided Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and given less than 20% chance of survival. A hole in the diaphragm allowed her intestines, stomach, and even liver (usually only found in Right sided hernia) develop in her chest cavity. Due to this, all organs in the chest were small, underdeveloped, or both. Her lungs and stomach were the most greatly effected. Her lungs were small and estimated to have less than half the normal pathways of the average person. Her stomach was underdeveloped and also quite small. After surgery and spending the first 6 weeks of her life in the NICU she came home eating only teaspoons of fortified milk at a time. At 11 months of age her stomach was large enough to surgically place a feeding tube. The feeding tube was in until the age of 3. One of her hospitalizations at the age of 6 was due to adhesions creating intestinal blockages; during an MRI of affected area a tumor was located on her right kidney, covering over ¾ of it. Both the adhesions and Right Kidney were surgically removed. After a year of Katelynn having extreme fatigue and going to various specialists, her pulmonologist determined she had C.O.P.D. One of the medications she took for this issue is believed to have caused damage to her bladder, giving her non stop bladder infections requiring hospitalizations due to resistant bacteria. Medications given to assist the bladder caused side effects of loss of appetite (among other things) resulting in Katelynn losing weight. She was given 3 months to gain weight or she would have to have another feeding tube surgically placed.

Due to all of Katelynn’s various medical issues, she has multiple doctors that she sees on a regular basis. All of these specialists are extremely smart and great with kids; however they usually deal with just their own area of expertise and are not sure how their treatments may affect her other areas. D. Cox, looks at Katelynn as a whole, not only physically but emotionally (or should I say mentally) as well. We have been blessed to have Dr. Cox in our lives.

Leslie Sula wrote:

Thank You for helping my Grandson Crio. My wife and I have been Firefighters for about 20 years and the kid calls are always the hardest for us to bounce back from. Seeing our own Grandson in pain was killing us both.

Thank you!!!!

Dear Leslie,

That is wonderful that he is doing better! He is a old sole in a little body truly a pleasure to take care of him. Do you mind if I put your thankyou on my my web site, its nice for other parents that may have concerns. I won't without your permission.

Dr. David C. Cox D.C.

Leslie Sula wrote:

Please feel free to use it.
So many people talk about making a difference, it is rare to meet someone that really is. Anna said it almost made her cry to see Crio running again, she is so happy.

Thank You for all you do.

Steve and Tina Sula

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